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138: Chef’s Choice and Digital Media Cuisine with Michael Rasile

138: Chef's Choice and Digital Media Cuisine with Michael Rasile

Chef’s Choice Podcast Founder and Restaurant Digital Media Co-Host:

Michael is a 26-year-old Marketing and Advertising Agency Owner that caters directly to chefs, restaurants, and other brands in the foodservice industry. He has almost a decade of experience working in and with restaurants while also having a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Rutgers Business School. Michael is also in the process of creating his own podcast called Chef’s Choice where I interview Chef’s, Restaurant Owners, and Industry Experts about a topic of their choosing on the business side of restaurants due to be released January 1st, 2018.

138: Chef's Choice and Digital Media Cuisine with Michael Rasile



On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [00:30] Introduction
  • [01:30] Reconnecting thanks to former co-host, Chris Mulvaney.
  • [09:40] Michael works with Chris and thanks to his BS, he’s a pretty good bullshitter. He loves the Psychology of Marketing.
  • [10:50] Scott and Michael vibe on past financial industry work experience.
  • [13:50] Michael understands what Restaurants need and what they’re looking for.
  • [20:00] You have to be crazy to work in restaurants. Michael loves working with chefs.
  • [22:50] Middletown Helps Its Own
  • [28:10] Podcast market research in the Chef and Restaurants profession sector.
  • [34:00] There are enough clients out there, in NYC alone!
  • [36:00] Discussing Yelp best practices for restaurants.
  • [39:00] Monetization and then getting Michael connected with Sarah Dandashy of Ask A Concierge.
  • [44:00] The goal of creating a powerful network and giving chefs powerful value.
  • [46:40] The Chef’s Feed app, download it if you’re a Foodie!
  • [49:00] Building powerful communities that bring value.
  • [52:00] Michael’s new podcast process with asking what his guest chef’s goals and needs are.
  • [55:00] 90% of Instagram right now seems to be food or hot girls with food.
  • [56:49] Final Words





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Final Words:

Michael is really just trying to connect the world through food. He truly believes in it and truly loves it. If there’s a way that his passion can come out, that connects the two sides of him, then great! Part of him obviously loves the food and the other part, loves being in the restaurant and sweating alongside the fire. Michael believes in what he’s doing and he’s extremely passionate about where he’s going. He’s also extremely excited to move forward with Chris Mulvaney as his right-hand man so to speak.

Bringing joy to someone else has always brought himself joy. He doesn’t need to be making a million dollars doing that. But if he can make a couple of dollars doing this, then that’s a good day!

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