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110: Lung Collapses, Supplements, and Body Epiphanies Mindset with Brandon Trean

Body Epiphanies from Lung Collapses leading to Natural Supplements and a Resilient Mindset with Brandon Trean of Boise Wellness

Our Body Epiphanies & Resilient Mindset Co-Host:

Brandon Trean was homeschooled most of his entire life by two awesome parents. He had wild health issues from mercury intoxication, to 8 lung collapses (one he almost died from laughing to death and had his life flash before his eyes). A year of throwing up nearly every day and coming down to intense malnutrition states at a young age, to now dealing with a gut issue that was deemed as sepsis back on March 15th, 2014. Needless to say, Brandon has been deeply educated by this inner teacher to this day. Nose bleeds that required cauterization multiple times, sleep paralysis, unique meditation experiences, etc.

I started my practice (massage/bodywork & nutritional studio) when I was 24 years old with $15K in debt even at the counter advice of other business comrades. I’ve only ever had one job prior to this which was a fun management position with a movie store. A lot of auspiciousness throughout my life, meeting the right people at the right times leading to more accumulating evidence that living by intuition has served me well. I think if I have something to offer to your groovy podcast series, it is simply resilience of mind in the face of seemingly insurmountable physical & mental disease states. Essentially mindset and how I have forged an optimism that is my north star in multiple circumstances that ought to have killed me (some 14 close calls with death).

I have other projects I want to offer to the world (Dappurr Cat, Immortal Inquiry, etc.) but the current health circumstance I am facing (some 220+ experiments over 3 years to attempt to correct and understand said pathology(s) has been a constant reminder that I must keep my health as my chief focus at this current time. I have interesting business marketing ideas that I have implemented over the years that have worked well in attracting my peoples as it were. I recently began a (what I call Ninja Fundraiser) opportunity for organizations that I think would do best in receiving more monetary gain. So I donate my services to raise money for select groups in this Ninja Fundraiser style which goes beyond my Body Epiphanies branding project.

FREEDOM with Brandon Trean his Lung Collapses and the Body Epiphanies Mindset on Ep 110 LIVETHEFUEL

On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [01:30] Intro and bio of Brandon Trean and his Body Epiphanies.
  • [”03:20″] Follow Body Epiphanies on Instagram, he shares healthy podcasts.
  • [”04:30″] We have one of the best interviews with Dr. Jack Kruse from episode 51 on LIVETHEFUEL.
  • [”06:30″] Getting into it with our new co-host Brandon Trean.
  • [”09:05″] Learning about his running event, Pirate alter-ego, Jack Sparrow theme in his profile picture.
  • [”10:15″] Getting into his lung collapses since 19 years old from his Bruce Lee training that he followed. Circuit training that somehow led to an 80% collapse. Spontaneous Pneumothorax
  • [”12:10″] What a STABBING in the lungs goes for these days!
  • [”17:00″] He’s paid around $70k in medical bills over the last 3 years. Over $200,000 in medical bills were also covered by the health insurance companies.
  • [”17:30″] Comparing our Health Insurance costs.
  • [”22:05″] Dispising cycling vs swimming and triathlons.
  • [”27:15″] Holding the dog leash that leads to running the Marine Corp Marathon aka The People’s Marathon in Washington, D.C.
  • [”33:00″] Livesore but not wanting to Live Sore.
  • [”34:00″] The chief illness facing humanity is ignorance. Become a health educator.
  • [”39:25″] Vegan’s and their need of supplementing B12 vs eating dirt.
  • [”40:00″] Soil Remediation is one of the biggest problems in our world.
  • [”41:05″] Dr. Carson’s Saliva Tests for hormone testing.
  • [”43:00″] Must follow Vinnie Tortorich.
  • [”44:15″] Adaptogens are legit.
  • [”47:30″] Viome Testing for gut, microbiome vs micobiome, and more!
  • [”51:25″] Dr. Jack Wolfson speaking with Dr. Jack Kruse.
  • [”52:20″] The AHA are full of morons regarding the incorrect Coconut Oil article(s). Promoting Dr. Anthony Jay and his focus on epigenetics.
  • [”54:50″] Go back and listen to our episode 51 to get your mind blown with Dr. Jack Kruse.
  • [”55:13″] Wheat Zoomer Testing, Gut Zoomer for Gut Health.

FREEDOM with Brandon Trean his Lung Collapses and the Body Epiphanies Mindset on Ep 110 LIVETHEFUEL

  • [57:15] WIM HOF METHOD
  • [01:02:00] Brandon’s screen is glowing red on our video. E-Flux and IRIS, go with IRIS for strict mode vs biohacker mode for your computer screens. It’s all about the blue-blocking. Set your Kelvin to zero.
  • [01:05:00] Blue Blocker glasses vs Blue Blox
  • [01:09:00] Geeking out on this science, mitochondrial health, etc.
  • [01:11:20] Weight loss vs inches loss and being patience with the transformation journey.
  • [01:12:35] Talking about Aarn Farmer of My Sugar Free Journey and his hormonal realignment during his 200lb weight loss.
  • [01:15:00] Brandon Trean is a portal to Health Education and his self-experimentation through 225 different products!
  • [01:17:30] Learning about Pure Encapsulation’s.
  • [01:20:30] Dr. Ben Lynch regarding basic nutrients.
  • [01:22:50] Talking B-12 vitamins.
  • [01:28:00] Kombucha
  • [01:29:50] Dr. John Douillard.
  • [01:31:00] Is gluten bullshit? IDES as in Pesticides means Death in Latin.
  • [01:34:15] Added synthetic Iron passing into our food.
  • [01:40:30] Dr. Oz
  • [01:43:15] Our podcast has a Joe Rogan feel?!
  • [01:45:00] Mercury toxification in the body, fighting it with chapparal baths. Scott relates to cutting fire breaks through chapparal in Arizona.
  • [01:50:00] Discussing oral based detoxification of the body. Cleansing the body, wiping the toxic sweat off regularly.
  • [02:00:00] Brandon learns what Scott’s latest mistake was and what he learned from it.

Don’t go through life with blinders on. Keep your Situational Awareness and your Self-Awareness up! – Scott Mulvaney



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Final Words:

Ultimately, it’s never-ending self-improvement. Constantly re-evaluating day in, and day out. Are you living in accordance with your core values and your definition of success? Self-inquiry or Immortal Inquiry is about constantly inquiring within and then holding yourself accountable!

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