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106: How to Lose 200 lbs with My Sugar Free Journey

How to Lose 200 lbs with My Sugar Free Journey's Aarn Farmer NSNG and KETO on LIVETHEFUEL

Your Sugar-Free Weight Loss Transformation Co-Host:

After turning 40 years old and realizing his health was in serious trouble, our co-host decided to make some changes. He was over 400 lbs and had a blood pressure of 200/160. After some trial and error, Aarn Farmer experimented with not eating sugar, saying no to sugar or grains, and learning about the ketogenic diet. Fast forward and he is now comfortable with the ketogenic diet along with using intermittent fasting in his lifestyle. Aarn has lost over 200 lbs thanks to implementing these life-changing protocols. He helps his online community lose weight along with restoring their health with weekly ketogenic meal plans and nightly live training at MySugarFreeJourney.com.

How to Lose 200 lbs with My Sugar Free Journey's Aarn Farmer NSNG and KETO on LIVETHEFUEL

On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [00:30] Introduced thanks to NSNG and Vinnie Tortorich.
  • [01:00] Aarn’s health was in serious trouble, over 400 lbs of bad decisions.
  • [02:30] Restoring his health and his before and after story.
  • [04:15] The BIG goal of breaking 200 lbs.
  • [06:40] Blood pressure of 237 over 190 aka 237/190!
  • [09:00] Sugar is the big Dietary Evil.
  • [10:10] It’s not just an obesity epidemic, it’s a poverty epidemic.
  • [11:10] When you’re poor, you’re just trying to get the cheapest food you can get.
  • [12:00] Subsidizing the wrong crops aka grains.
  • [12:30] More wheat, corn, and soybeans is a major problem.
  • [15:00] Becoming educated consumers, get educated, stop following our SAD aka Standard American Diet.
  • [16:00] Polyunsaturated Fat and inflammatory Canola Oil.
  • [17:15] Inflammation being the main driver of heart disease. Plaque in our arteries is a result of inflammation.
  • [17:35] Top Influencers recently on our show to properly educate on Coconut Oil and Healthy Fats. Episodes 086-088 with influencers: Erin Sparrold, Dr. Anthony Jay, and Dr. Jack Wolfson.
  • [19:30] AHA actually being a Lobbyist group and being driven by financial influences.
  • [20:00] The big food companies and health organizations with clout are giving us all the wrong information.
  • [20:55] Living in the post-Nina Teicholz world after The Big Fat Surprise.
  • [27:00] 50 lb bags of sugar in your chocolate milk story.
  • [31:00] Opioid hits and how grains took over the world.
  • [40:00] Allowing your body to adapt and recover with healthy lifestyle changes. Hormonal realignment and more with Aarn’s every 10 lbs released.
  • [”44:30″] A quick synopsis of Aarn’s phases in his journey.
  • [”49:00″] I wish you loved me and our kid enough to lose this weight.
  • [”53:00″] Following up on the Endurance Mindset on an upcoming episode.
  • [57:35] Final Words


Exercise is the worst way to lose weight! – Vinnie Tortorich




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People Mentioned:

Final Words:

These words are specific to a listener or reader who is morbidly obese or has 100+ lbs to lose, and you’re not sure if you can do it. To you specifically, Aarn wants to say it IS possible…

You’re not a slave to your genetics, you’re not a slave to your environment, and you’re not a slave to your family. You’re not a slave to anything and you can break free!

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