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089: Archetypes & Storytelling with Kylie Slavik

089 Archetypes and Storytelling with Kylie Slavik

Your Professional Storytelling, Archetypes Co-Host:

Kylie Slavik has revolutionized the way online marketing is done, proving that love and story-based marketing can get better results than fear, hype, and scarcity. She has pioneered methods across Facebook and LinkedIn advertising, business storytelling, email copywriting, content marketing and strategic partnerships… generating multiple millions of dollars for her clients. She’s been behind hundreds of launches and funnels and done business with teams such as Gina DeVee, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Arielle Ford, John Assaraf, and more. She is a big fan of ketosis, the Ocean, running, and writing.

On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [03:25] With regards to Health, Business, and Lifestyle, they’re all the same for Kylie.
  • [03:55] Referring to episode 079 with Ali Walter.
  • [05:30] Choosing to work with somebody as her new coaching client, that had shared a more emotional video that others.
  • [07:30] Talking influencing Millennials vs the X Generation.
  • [09:05] Digital Marketing is in my blood.
  • [10:45] Pulling teeth working with Holistic practitioners.
  • [14:40] Resistance to money.
  • [16:00] Reframing your mindset.
  • [17:00] Losing the resistance around money.
  • [18:01] Becoming an affiliate, launch strategist, facebook manager.
  • [18:10] $2.5 million camaign, in 12 weeks, in the womens coaching space.
  • [21:08] Confidence in knowing what to charge customers.
  • [50:18] Final Words




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Final Words:

You need to find your own way and you need to find your own authentic way forward. At the same time, you also need guidance, you need mentors, you need structures, you need systems. It’s that space between direct response and story which are opposites and both have really good things in them… Find that middle path and you’ll get there.

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