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087: Dr. Jay on the Inflammatory AHA, Coconut Oil and Sugar

087-The Return of Dr. Anthony Jay on the AHA, Saturated Fat and Sugar

Dr. Estrogeneration Returns on the Inflammatory AHA and Their Attack on Coconut Oil:

We welcome back our prior co-host, the Doctor of Estrogeneration, to discuss Coconut Oil. He helps me reflect on the Inflammatory and incorrect education that the AHA recently published around the amazing Coconut and Saturate Fats. The American Heart Association has a social responsibility to educate on a balanced platform. They are paid by big Pharma and Agriculture groups, so we get to read about incorrect direction on the consumption of healthy fat sources. Articles like, “Saturated fats: Why all the hubbub over coconuts?”

On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [0:30] Intro of Dr. Jay from past episode #072.
  • [01:10] Intro continued with the AHA having their heads up their butts!

I can’t believe anybody would come out and say that coconut oil is unhealthy in any way. – Dr. Anthony G. Jay

  • [02:00] The AHA lumped coconut oil together with all other saturated fats and used blanket statements that it’s bad.
  • [03:00] Dr. Jay is a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Boston University. His actual Ph.D. thesis, 315 pages long, was about fats and cholesterol.
  • [03:35] Saying saturated fat is bad, is absurd.

To say that saturated fat is bad, as a blanket statement, I think that is absurd!  – Dr. Anthony G. Jay 

  • [04:00] Many AHA scientists aren’t actually working with real people in relation to their nutrition.
  • [05:38] People who actually work on the front lines of health know that the AHA article(s) are false and misleading.
  • [08:00] President of the AHA published in the Journal of Circulation. A source of professional science journals.
  • [08:45] They restrict access to the journals to make more money.
  • [11:00] Properly sourced butter is a whole food when done right.
  • [11:35] Dr. Jay raps about butter from cows that are fed corn and soy.
  • [12:50] Our brains are predominately DHA Fats. 70-80% of your brain tissue is fat aka DHA fat cells.
  • [14:45] Eating grass-fed butter, is an entirely different discussion, in terms of a scientific research.
  • [16:05] We are all at a different point when it comes to our healthy lifestyle timeline.
  • [17:10] Coconut Oil relating to Blubber Brain the book!
  • [19:00] Heating oils and oxidizing them in relation to negative health impacts.
  • [23:00] Dr. Jay clarified olive oil vs coconut oil in relation to cooking.
  • [26:00] Trans Oleic Acid
  • [27:40] Dr. Jay prefers saturated fats when you’re cooking because they’re actually healthier.
  • [28:00] The science doesn’t agree with AHA’s point on saturated fats being bad.
  • [30:20] Cholesterol is important and necessary in our diets.
  • [33:00] Relating this all back to our hormones and Estrogeneration.
  • [34:25] Totally ignore the AHA and totally keep eating Coconut Oil, butter, and tallow.
  • [36:00] Companies pay for the Heart Healthy check logo on their packaging.
  • [38:25] Kerrygold becomes a sellout.
  • [39:15] Dr. Jay references the British Medicine Journals aka the BMJ.
  • [41:00] HDL and LDL isn’t enough, relating to his education and learning about “hypercholesterolemia”.
  • [43:00] Inflammation is the root cause. For example, eating a poor diet triggers inflammation in the body.
  • [43:15] Injuries in your arteries get healed by your healthy cholesterol.
  • [46:40] Stop looking at the surface level education.
  • [47:30] A lot of heart disease studies don’t look at the age in relation to the LDL. Our LDL does rise as we age.
  • [48:10] Epidemiology

Epidemiology, it’s not flawed but it’s open to flaws.  – Dr. Anthony G. Jay 

  • [50:40] Helping address Ian’s comments from Scott’s Facebook page when he shared Dr. Wolfson’s blog post.
  • [56:15] Final Words



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Final Words:

Coconut Oil is good for your because the fatty acids in coconut oil are so small that your body has to burn them as fuel or you get diarrhea and eliminate them that way. Not only is it anti-fungal, anti-microbial, it has other health benefits like anti-cancer. Coconut Oil you have to burn as energy, it’s healthy because you have to burn it as fat.

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