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079: Your Holistic Business Oracle with Ali Walter

079 Your Holistic Business Oracle Ali Walter

Holistic Business Oracle Co-Host with TheAliWalter.com:

Today’s co-host has been acquired from a friendly and casual connection online in the social media space. She’s a consultant helping holistic business owners grow more profitably and seamlessly so they can widen their impact, without sacrificing their personal lives. With an uncanny ability to see patterns where others fall short, her insights and strategies help her clients master the trifecta of money, mechanics, and mindset so they can step into ultimate wealth with a business, and life, of their dreams! Please welcome and get to know Ali Walter of TheAliWalter.com!

On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [01:30] Ali’s introduction and our new methods of “friending” and networking.
  • [03:30] Protecting our circles of influence.
  • [04:35] Honor our energy, choose who you allow into your space.
  • [11:30] Sharing the responsibility of our audiences.
  • [13:30] Why Ali went the holistic route. At 21 in 2007, she took over a failing asphalt company. In three generations they never grossed over $60,000 annually. In 5 years she grew it to a multi-million dollar company.
  • [19:30] Her passionate client’s story of moral obligations in their business. Ali’s Oracle guidance.
  • [24:30] Growing businesses while not sacrificing themselves.
  • [29:00] Pharmaceutical Bandaids.
  • [35:15] Setting realistic timeframes to work together for success.
  • [40:30] Understanding how to spend money to make money.
  • [35:15] Setting realistic timeframes to work together for success.
  • [45:00] Investing a shit-ton of money in yourself.
  • [53:50] Final Words




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Final Words:

… “Step into truly being all that I desire.”

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