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074: Healthiest Keto Nuts with Eat Pili Nuts and Jason Thomas

074 Eat Pili Nuts Jason Thomas of Hunter Gatherer Foods

Your Pili Nuts Healthy Entrepreneurial Co-Host:

Getting to know Jason Thomas who created the new rage around eating healthy, sprouted Pili Nuts. We get to know more about the healthy international journey he embarked on and the entrepreneurial birth of a Hunter Gatherer business.

Eat Pilinuts founder Jason Thomas LIVETHEFUEL Mandatory Credit: Cole Elsasser

On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [02:00] Spicy Chili Pili Nuts plus a new release of the Tumeric and Black Pepper, Raw Cacao with a touch of coconut sugar options too.
  • [03:00] Being honest and how there are different ways to balance and/or break the confines of the paleo and keto world of nutrition.
  • [03:55] The Keto Paleo crowd pays the bills.
  • [04:45] Jason gets honest on why he chose the Ketogenic targeted market. Why he doesn’t bullshit the consumers. His own explanations of the crap food that is pushed on us, the overly manufactured, poor nutrition being sold today.
  • [06:10] Jason and the Hunter Gatherer team have actually sent some of their Pili Nuts down to scientists in Florida for studies.
  • [06:37] The keto conference he attended in Florida, Epigenetics, to target the healthy studies they’re doing relating to Cancer and the Ketogenic diet.
  • [08:10] Fat is fuel and energy.
  • [08:50] Jason was born in Barrow, Alaska a big Eskimo village, with the most amazing diet in the world.
  • [09:30] Healthy fats from wild fish vs farm raised seafood crap which is nutrient deficient.
  • [10:00] Venting about how we’ve spread the negative influence of low-quality, processed fast food to Alaska and all over the world.
  • [10:40] What took Jason to the Philippines and his life as a mountain guide in Alaska.
  • [12:40] Jason got really into CrossFit in California but due to lack of training from an injury, he ended up getting “Rhabdo” aka Rhabdomyolysis.
  • [13:30] Defining the types of people with lack of conditioning who get Rhabdo.
  • [15:50] From Kitesurfing to Asia and then finding Pili Nuts while surfing.
  • [15:50] Entrepreneurship starting from bringing back 15-20 lbs of Pilinuts to the USA.
  • [17:50] Trace minerals and the highest concentration of magnesium in a nut.
  • [18:13] Relating magnesium to Pure Vitamin Club.
  • [18:19] “I love your nuts!
  • [19:05] Jason didn’t have a market for Pili Nuts at first.
  • [19:40] What is “sprouting” of a nut vs the traditional roasting of nuts. Plus relating this to denature vs. undenatured processing of proteins. Making his nuts more bioactive and easier for the human body to digest.
  • [22:07] How are we sourcing our food? Are you a hardcore, by the book, Paleo/Keto guy?
  • [23:09] There is MSG on our nuts?!
  • [23:22] Half the nuts in the grocery stores have MSG on them!

Half the nuts in the grocery stores have MSG! – Jason Thomas

Hunter Gatherer Foods Eat Pili Nuts that are Paleo and Keto friendly on LIVETHEFUEL

  • [25:15] Pump me full of Pili Nuts!
  • [27:10] I was driving up and down the west coast, sleeping in my trucks, doing demo’s at stores.
  • [27:20] They’re not pine nuts, they’re a tree nut. A lot of pine nuts are now imported from China and are low quality.
  • [29:00] Jason employs local Phillipino labor, they go into the jungle and pick the nuts from the trees. They fill sacks and sell them at local traders.
  • [30:00] Showing what Pili Nuts looks like before they sprout it. It almost looks like a small avocado.
  • [33:12] Showing the raw nut on our live YouTube feed for this episode.
  • [34:00] Understanding the serving size.
  • [37:00] Introducing the raw cacao option.
  • [39:35] Jason does all packaging in the Philippines, giving back to the local community as a sustainable business. We’ve created so many jobs over there.
  • [40:15] We care about freshness. Sometimes we’ll pay a premium to fly product back here to the USA vs a shipping container.
  • [] 100-year-old trees in rich volcanic soil.
  • [] They’re better than Organic.
  • [] Some of the lives of the people in the Philippines are pretty rough.
  • [] Please follow @eatpilinuts
  • [] Jason didn’t even have a smartphone until 2016.
  • [] Every box that comes out of Hunter Gatherer Foods is recycled and repurposed.
  • [] For 10% off, use the code FUEL at eatpilinuts.com
  • [49:05] Final Words




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Final Words

Know where your food is coming from. Understand the people who are gathering your food. These people work hard and we really want to give back to them. Just think about where you are buying from and who it’s for. Support small businesses.

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