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059: Randi Strong Productions with Andy Steinhauser

059 Randi Strong Productions and Andy Steinhauser on LIVETHEFUEL

Strong Productions CoHost:

We are joined by two co-hosts from California. Another great networking connection from THRIVE: Make Money Matter 2016. Randi Strong of Strong Productions can move, she’s a powerful dancer and professional entertainer. She joins us with a friend and now our new connection Andy Steinhauser. Learn about NLP, Peak Performance Coaching and more!

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On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [01:00] Introductions
  • [01:55] Blowing up our downloads reach thanks to Dr. Jack Kruse a world renowned neurosurgeon.
  • [02:45] Watch this episode on our YouTube channel
  • [04:00] Randi is in a dance troop, The Connection, in LA
  • [05:45] Strong Productions was founded 3.5 years ago due to some botched experiences that inspired Randi to start her own company.
  • [06:45] Andy discusses bringing a vision to life.
  • [08:45] Squeeze everything to the last drop.
  • [12:30] Renting for Video Production success, ensures you always get to use the latest technology with less overhead.
  • [15:30] Technology flashbacks to Nokia cell phones.
  • [16:50] Discussing my health hacks to ensure health aging since I turn 40 this year.
  • [17:50] Proper squat depth relating to Randi’s dancing and fitness levels.
  • [20:00] Your body is constantly dying and healing, cellular regeneration.
  • [23:00] Demi Moore and Super Milf class.
  • [23:30] California, LA, not real life?! Healthy lifestyle while traveling with Andy.
  • [26:40] Cut the freaking sugar, sugar consumption is off the charts.
  • [28:10] Doctor’s who actually study nutrition vs the regular M.D. who doesn’t live the healthy lifestyle.
  • [30:05] Our new President eats at McDonald’s?!
  • [30:40] Not taking sleep, proper rest and recovery seriously.
  • [34:45] Healthy lifestyle choices helping build business networking.
  • [36:15] Following Andy Steinhauser online.
  • [38:00] Randi and Andy are also Peak Performance Coaches.
  • [39:15] When something undeniable has been created, that is what FUEL’s Randi and Andy.
  • [43:09] Making a significant lifestyle shift cannot happen overnight, it takes some time to implement.
  • [47:40] At least 10-20% of Andy’s time is spent on Peak Performance Coaching.
  • [51:50] You know if you have a good coach if they too have a coach.
  • [53:00] Randi has a cool coaching gig because she gets to coach elite athletes. This goes above and beyond Strong Productions.
  • [57:00] Promoting Brian Strauser’s own transformation and The Strauser Project.
  • [1:00:03] How Coaching can drain you as the Coach while also being lit up from the positive coaching sessions.
  • [1:05:39] Final Words from Andy
  • [1:06:35] Final Words from Randi

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Final Words

Remember this, CONTINUED LEARNING, you must keep learning. If you’re not learning, you’re not going anywhere, you are stagnant.
This biggest thing that has impacted and shaped my life… FOCUS on what you want. When you aren’t focusing on what you want, you’re focusing on what you don’t want.

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