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054: NSNG and Ketogenic Lifestyle with Vinnie Tortorich

054: Talking NSNG and Ketogenic Lifestyle with Vinnie Tortorich


Ketogenic Lifestyle Co-Host:

Welcome to LIVETHEFUEL Episode 54. On this Episode we talk about how to start a Ketogenic lifestyle. Someone who has deep knowledge in the subject is the NSNG trademarked creator himself. Vinnie Tortorich who returns to co-host the show! We also talk about topics and best practices learned from his 4 years of Podcasting.

On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [02:01] Some of the biggest things Vinnie has learned thanks to Podcasting.
  • [08:56] The annoyance of popups and trademarking NSNG.
  • [12:13] Pure Vitamin Club
  • [13:48] Fruit and Vegetables sourced locally vs shipped in.
  • [17:37] B12 Product from Pure Vitamin Club.
  • [22:27] LIVETHEFUEL Resource Page. Purity of the messaging and promoting products you believe in.
  • [26:50] Villa Cappelli Olive Oil.
  • [28:09] Vinnie tells us about some Italian runners that came from their version of the special forces who ran a marathon across a desert on just olive oil.
  • [29:58] Takes years of training to be able to run marathons, or anything effectively for that matter. You have to put in the reps. Start small and work up to it.
  • [31:12] Vinnie has studied at a much higher level than most personal trainers. Vinnie studied at Medical School of Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • [33:02] Doctors, most only know drugs and not true health or nutrition.
  • [35:33] Finding a Ketogenic lifestyle. Vinnie notes that NSNG is not a Ketogenic diet. Don’t just jump in. Go spend a week or two eating cleaner and the most important part is to start reading and listening to properly understand the lifestyle. It will make the leap easier.
  • [38:24] The Charlie Foundation and the ketogenic influence in health to battle epilepsy.
  • [43:04] “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.” All you can do is consistently show them the path.
  • [47:59] The bad four letter word. Diet is a short term mindset. We gain and lose weight based on hormones. Vinnie explains about the hormones that tell you that you are full and the ones that make you feel hungry.
  • [55:14] Eat yourself healthy rather than taking the easy option of popping a pill.
  • [56:45] We have become a ‘Want it now society’ and see “the pill” as the magic bullet.  A pharmacy is just a temporary band-aid.
  • [1:00:28] Final Words

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Final Words

Make sure you check out Vinnie Tortorich’s Podcast and his website. Also Vinnie is extremely active on Twitter as his friend Howie Mandel says, “If you are going to do social media right, it has to be part of your job”.

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