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024: Pure Vitamin Club with Andy Schreiber


Your Pure Vitamin Club Co-Host:

It is important to understand what we are putting into our bodies. Especially in today’s world, as everything has become so overly processed. While sourcing whole, “organic” foods have reduced in nutrient density over the past 20+ years. These overly processed foods have stripped away the basic vitamins our bodies need day to day. To replenish them we have to take supplements to replace what we have lost, especially essential vitamins and mineral nutrients. But many vitamin companies products are full of fillers, stuff that does not need to be in there. Various things that can cause blockages in our bodies later on down the line.

For a long time now I have been listening to the Podcast, Fitness Confidential, hosted by Vinnie Tortorich and co-hosted by the co-host of this very episode.

As well as the co-host of the successful Fitness Confidential podcast, he is a former employee of Playboy, a film industry professional, dog lover, and now co-founder of Pure Vitamin Club… Welcome, Andy Schreiber!

On This Episode You Will Hear:

  • [02:25] When Andy met Vinnie
  • [04:42] Andy worked at Playboy for ten years. About three years ago Vinnie and Andy decided to go into the vitamin business. Back in 2007 Vinnie was diagnosed with Leukemia.
  • [07:25] There is so much we consume and put into our bodies without think about whats in it. Vinnie has always believed in some sort of basic supplementation but he noticed how much junk was in the vitamins. With his Cancer, it become an obsession.
  • [09:38] When putting the vitamins together they went through all the different additives that are in all the other products out there to find out why it was in there and why it was bad.
  • [10:34] Pure Vitamin Club is produced in the USA. Reason behind this is quality control. Out of 40 manufacturers Andy spoke to 38 of them and they said what they wanted could not be done.
  • [13:05] Getting the right formula and the good quality ingredients are more expensive but worth it for PVC.
  • [14:37 ] The Supplement Facts and Other Ingredients. The supplement industry is only regulated on its labeling. Meaning does the content of the bottle match what you are listing on the label.
  • [16:16] Bad Fillers in Vitamins
  • [19:27] Flow Agents and Magnesium Stearate
  • [23:34] Colorants – Why stuff is Orange?
  • [29:01] Tablets vs Capsules
  • [31:05] Pure Vitamin Club bringing out their first tablet. This tablet will be the fastest way to deliver vitamin B12 to the blood stream. B12 has a hard time being adsorbed through the stomach which is where most capsules would deliver it to. This tablet form will dissolve on your tongue and get into the bloodstream very quickly.
  • [33:38] There are two different ingredients other companies use to bind the ingredients together. Microcrystalline Cellulose tablet binding agents which essentially is wood pulp.
  • [35:22] B12 only occurs in animal products or in the dirt and fungus you would find on vegetables out of the ground. Vegan’s need B12.
  • [37:13] NSNG aka No Sugar No Grains
  • [39:26] Making the product palatable by using ground up peppermint leaves
  • [40:53] Magnesium is a natural relaxant which can help you sleep. Break open the capsules in a glass of water or tea if you have trouble swallowing pills
  • [46:29 ] Having working capital and not dipping back into the well. Since the conception of Pure Vitamin Club they have been totally self funded
  • [47:57] Auto-Shipping for convenience
  • [49:28] Chasing the Walmart false dream
  • [53:07] Patenting the product
  • [54:44] Expanding the business. Selling to China and Europe
  • [58:39] Just figuring out the gap in the market. Recognizing there is a need and being fearless to figure it out.
  • [59:27] Making countless mistakes along the way but improving each time.
  • [59:43] Having pure intent and staying transparent
  • [01:00:51] Utilizing VA’s (virtual assistants) – Building processes and systems
  • [01:07:44] Growing slowly and retiring from his former career to devote 100% of his time to this business
  • [01:13:09] Recommended resources
  • [01:13:53] Eat Happy Cook Book
  • [01:16:32] Our health is our true wealth
  • [01:18:34] Rich Brocchini and Third Alarm Coffee
  • [01:22:35] Final Words


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Final Words

If you can dream it, you can do it. Have no fear. Do it. You have the dream, don’t let anything stop you. Do it.

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