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107: Villa Cappelli Olive Oil & Eat Happy Sweepstakes!

107 Villa Cappelli's purest Italian olive oil and their Eat Happy Sweepstakes with Anna Vocino!

Welcome your purest Olive Oil Co-Hosts plus a Sweepstakes!: It’s time to learn about your world class olive oil experts and today’s co-hosts of the LIVETHEFUEL Podcast! Let’s also learn how to win the $700 Eat Happy Sweepstakes! Hi, we’re Paul Cappelli and Steven Crutchfield from Villa Cappelli. We’ve been sharing our love of all…

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103: Whitewater Rafting and Taking the Good Out of Life

103: Whitewater Rafting and Taking the Good Out of Life

Your Host’s Latest Adventure on Whitewater Rafting: Finding new ways for “Taking the Good Out of Life” while Whitewater Rafting this past weekend. We attended a dam release from the Lehigh Gorge and rafted 12+ miles down the Lehigh River in Northeastern Pennsylvania.   On This Episode You Will Hear: Intro Garmin watch, fitness apps,…

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100: Our 100th Episode and Killington Downhill Mountain Biking

100th Podcasting Episode in Killington VT for Downhill Mountain Biking, Golf, and more for LIVETHEFUEL

Downhill Mountain Biking & Our 100th Podcast Episode in Killington, Vermont: I decided to record my 100th episode while on vacation here in Killington, VT! We are up here for an epic bachelor party event with my good friend Jared. The bonus, is we are ripping some epic downhill mountain biking trails along with some…

095: Leading You Out of the Darkness Into The Light, Author, The Blind Blogger

095: Leading You Out of the Darkness Into The Light, Author, Speaker, & The Blind Blogger, Max Ivey on LIVETHEFUEL

Your Author, Speaker, and Blind Blogger Co-Host: A totally blind carnival owner turned equipment broker who later found out he was accidentally inspiring the world. So he started sharing more of his story as a blogger, author, and now public speaker. He’s also lost over 250 pounds after having gastric surgery and changing his daily…

092: 7 Ways to Love from You Evolving Now


Your 7 Ways to Love Co-Host: Author, Speaker, Founder & CEO of You Evolving Now, LLC; it’s Andre Young’s mission is to impact lives and relationships of men and women everywhere; allowing YOU to live the life of your dreams! His new book “7 Ways to Love” shares how to have an EVOLVED relationship with…

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